Xtreme AV's QuickSilver GOLD™

The Best Audio & Video Contact Enhancer On The Market

QuickSilver GOLD™ (QSG) is our award-winning, industry acclaimed, next generation HIGHLY CONDUCTIVE contact enhancement formula. With over 15 years of proven results, 100% customer satisfaction and countless repeat orders, Xtreme AV is confident that you too will be amazed at the outstanding difference QSG makes to your audio and video systems - vastly improving your listening and viewing experience. Please read the QSG Testimonials and Instructions as well as product descriptions for a complete analysis of this amazing product.

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Many long time customers of Xtreme AV and Xtreme Cables knew Brian Kyle, the inventor of QuickSilver GOLD.  He enjoyed sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for all things audio. Brian fought a long battle with cancer and died this year at age 57. We, his family, are carrying on Brian's wishes that his remarkable invention - QSG - remain available to audiophiles around the globe.